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Moa Milking & Pumping

Grundfos JP Series Household Pumps

Grundfos JP Series Household Pumps

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These Grundfos JP booster pumps are ideal for domestic use in and around the household and garden. The built in press control protects the pump and allows it to stop and start accordingly. With multiple KW ratings available, this ensures there is a pump to suit your application. 


Model         kW            Flow Rate        Pump Height        

JP 3-42        0.44           60 Lpm            41m Head 

JP 4-47        0.60           75 Lpm            43m Head 

JP 4-54        0.75           75 Lpm            48m Head 

JP 5-48        1.0             90 Lpm            52m Head 


- Self-priming 

- 25mm (1") Suction and discharge 

- Automatic start/ stop relative to consumption

- Dry-run Protection

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